Saturday, May 25, 2013

BMP Co. Vintage Barbicide Jars

100% Authentic Vintage Barbicide Jars
In House Designed
100% Hand Painted
Brown Magic Paint Co.
 4-inch diameter
11.5 inches tall
37 fl. oz
Grease & Wax Remover
Customization Includes Your Name

Look Good/Feel Good
If you would like to purchase a BMP Co. Barbicide Jar customized just for you please contact us direct: Pricing starts at $135 (we do not accept send in's).
Thank You!
Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Torque Fest!

 WE WILL BE AT VINTAGE TORQUE FEST ONCE AGAIN!!! We will be bringing a ton of custom painted Brown Magic Paint Co. items & of course you can stop by & bring us anything you like to be custom painted & pinstriped! We will be in Building A booths 15 & 16!  It will be Myself (Dottie), Mando & David working the booths we will be so excited to see you!

I will also be on hand to provide hair & makeup services! I am a licensed cosmetologist for 7+ years specializing in vintage hair & makeup artistry! I will be taking appointments from Thursday at 12pm-Sunday! All services will be $20-$40! I will be bringing my Bmp Co. custom train cases with all my supplies including tons of red lipstick, lashes, bobby pins, vintage head scarves anything & everything to complete your Vintage Torque experience! I will also be vending tons of vintage & retro clothing in all sizes & great deals!  If you would like to book an appointment for any hair & makeup services please feel free to contact me direct:

Thank you & we will see you there!

Brown Magic Paint Co.
Dottie & Mando

Monday, March 25, 2013


Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.


Ballet Flats

Saddle Shoes

Monster Love High Heels

Sparkly Clutches

Head Scarves

Vintage Hair Dryers

Custom Vanity

Nightmare Before Christmas

Custom Men's Wallets

Rat Fink Keychains


Artist Paint Cans

Artist Trading Cards


Phone Cases

Iphone Cases

Hello Kitty Cases


Walk The Line Frame

Luz De Mi Vida





Check out this Dr. Who inspired Beauty Queen Sparkly Clutch Set ($125) & double sided vintage purse we created for one of our wonderful customers! And these awesome San Francisco 49ers Beauty Queen High Heels ($125)! These projects were a blast! Thank you for always supporting us and believing in all we do!
If you would like to purchase your very own BMP Co. custom items please contact us direct as all items are custom order & made just for you! All of our items are In House Designed & 100% Hand Painted!
-Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.

I Love Trouble



   I Love Trouble Head Scarves. 100% Hand Made & silk screened by Bmp Co.  Features a set of heart shaped brass knuckles on a 100% cotton 24 x 24 head scarf. Comes in two great colors: Hot Hot Pink & Hot Rod Red. Prefect for Hot Rod weather! Enjoy!
Thank you for stopping by & supporting us!
-Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rhythm Machine Maracas

Our lovely & loyal customer Lucy Garcia recently contacted us about created a custom pair of maracas she will be joining her talented husband on stage (more info coming soon). Of course we jumped at the chance & said yes!!!! We were so excited about this project ,Lucy had just one request that the words 'Rhythm Machine' be put on there some where aside from that we were given creative freedom by Lucy (isn't she great?!) Mando & I were both set on what we wanted (this happens all the time) so in the end we created two sets; a pink atomic style set & a green rumba style set. The maracas we had to work with were coconut shell maracas made in Mexico.*Special thank you to the lovely & talented Bettie Cruiser aka Perla who was kind enough to send us authentic Mexican souvenirs! Perla works at Casa California where they have a little of everything from Mexico! You can contact Perla directly here:
And find her working here:
Casa California
620 N Main St
W-10 Olvera Street La, California
When they arrived my heart sank a little.....They were lopsided, uneven & bumpy in many areas. I have on idea why I expected perfectly round/smooth maracas lol since these are natural maracas made from a coconut shell which is far from prefect! We had our work cut out for us including how we would paint/metal flake & clear coat them to a sparkly Brown Magic finished! First things first we got down to business in the garage!
Me (Dottie) Painting A Pair of Green Maracas I Designed!
We added tape lines to both sets. I wanted something simple yet bold. Mando created unique & very clean tape lines. I am always in awe in what he can do with some tape!
I Love The Pink Tones!
These Came Out Better Than I Expected!
At last we had our maracas painted Bmp Co. style! Next came my favorite part; metal flake. We used micro metal flake for just the right amount of shine. Again, they came out better than I expected! Having two sets of maracas was great for the fact we were able to go crazy on two ideas we both had our hearts set on. The pink set was the 'atomic' style & the green set was 'rumba' style. Bright colors were our main attention to detail along with clean fun lettering, simple but unique accents.
Mando slingin' 1 Shot!
At last these beauties were 100% complete. When they first arrived we weren't sure what we would do with these weird shaped music makers lol now I am so proud what we have created with a pinch of 'Brown Magic". It's really awesome to be challenged with new projects along with being able to be given creative control. Creating one of a kind and unique pieces for all of our customers continues to be the main drive for Brown Magic Paint Co. we are so grateful to Lucy & all of our customers who continue to challenge and support us in all your special ways.
Thank you Lucy & we wish you & the band the best success!
Thank all of you for stopping by! If you would like a custom pair of your very own maracas please feel free to contact us at
Back to work for us!
Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Mando V. Artist Trading Cards


                                                                   Mando V. Artist Trading Cards
                                                                                3.75 x 2.75 
                                                                         Complete With Sleeve
                                                                    FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
                                             Cards are listed (left to right; picture below) in Buy It Now Button
                                                                   Thank You For Supporting BMP Co.!!!!