Saturday, May 7, 2011

For The Fellas!

*Scott Rosales*
This is our lovely friend Scott!!! When he is not serving our country & protecting us he is being an awesome pal & boyfriend!There is not one bad thing I can say about Scott! I mean that! I met him many moons ago when myspace was cool~through a good friend of mine:Steve! Steve is an awesome person I went to high school with so i've know him for a while now! So it was no surprise that Steve's younger brother turned out to being Scott! When I met Scott he was starting out in life finding his place! So awesome now to see he has not only found his place but true love & happiness! I am so proud of him!!!!! 
*So proud of Scott! A man of honor that serves our country!
!Stephanie is the perfect woman for Scott!*

So low and behold he meets me (all into all my crazy stuff like always) and I took him under my wing! Just schooled him when I had the chance on some music-clothes ya know lil life things! I am proud to say I had the honor of buying Scott his first hat! A Stacy Adams with a beautiful purple band and awesome feather! To my surprise not only does Scott still have it but it started his very own large hat collection! Swoon!!! Could this kid get any sweeter?!? So after a long lasp in time as it happens we didn 't speak or have for a zillion mintues and some odd years! But once we did-Wow is all I can say! We picked up right where we left off! True friends have a habit of doing that to us don't they!?! So now Scott is all grown up doing well in his life! 
*Stephanie & Scott! I love the love these two share!*

I was not surprised he began supporting Brown Magic Paint Co. from the beginning! From buying custom items to purchasing some of my vintage mens clothing collection he has been a supportive friend since day one! In all way possible! I feel so honored that not only is he my friend but that Mando has had the honor of meeting Scott too! Good friends are such a wonderful gift to share! We really wanted to do something special for him but with all going on was not sure!
*Scott & his ride*

So right when we are getting ready to ship off his order-Scott orders a wallet! Woot!!! We love new projects! He said he wanted it to have his name and friday the 13th(his bday!Good luck charm that fella is) something zombie-licious also on there! Awesome cause Mando has a big love of zombie everything also! So Mando being the badass he is-sat down came up with this super unique wallet design for him! Enjoy it Scott!! 

*Mando hard at work!*

*Awesome One Shot paint colors used!*

*Painting has begun!*

*Scott hope you love it!*

*Ahhhhh zombie stalking!*

*Brains brains brains!*

*Awesome view of an awesome wallet!*

Scott! We really hope you love your wallet! And get awesome use out of it!
Thank you for being the awesome friend & person you are! We really appreciate you here at Brown Magic! 
Con Mucho Amor,

Dottie & Mando 
Brown Magic Paint Co.

For all you fellas wanting to order a wallet! They are $50! Leather! You can choose from black or brown leather! We have both in our inventory!Full customization is included! They measure 8.5 x 3 for you to work with! You can order via etsy here:
Thank you all for the love & support! 

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