Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Lady Head Vase!

Vintage Lady Head Vase

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1940's Revamped Vintage Lady Head Vase. This beauty is from my personal collection. I have been collecting Vintage Head Vases since I was 15. The very first one I ever owned was discolored, had a few cracks  & needed tons of love; I painted her with a few bottle of Wet 'N Wild glitter red nail polish! From then to now many things have change! Thank goodness! For the past few years we have been painting these these beauties up & having a blast. They are all from  my collection (it has out grown my home)! This beauty is in MINT vintage condition. No FLAWS! She has been painted a beautiful mixture of golds and lightly metal flake. She comes in her own custom matching box which includes free customization (name & pin striping). She makes the perfect addition to any vanity & makes the prefect Christmas present!
Lady Head Vase
5 inches tall
3 inches wide
Custom Packaging
(Includes your name & pin striping)
8 inches tall
8 inches across
4 inches depth
Twinkle Pink Lady Head Vase is Sold

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Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.

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  1. OMG I love these! Have four boxed and in storage. Oooohhh I miss you ladies. Some have long eyelashes too! Time to bring them home!