Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Día del Helado Muerto Gallery !!!

Hello Everyone!!!
We have been so busy crazy we are excited to take a moment and catch you all up on a special project we worked on!
The amazing Ryan Rutherford http://www.brutherford.com/Store
had his very gallery show over at Clutter Magazine http://www.cluttermagazine.com/ and we were invited to create a few pieces!!! Wow!!!!!!!! What an honor for us!

We are big fans of Brutherford!!!!!!!! So much that when we first bought his amazing Ice Scream Man we purchased a blank & painted him up! 
 We were so happy on how he turned out! Earlier this year we teamed up on a collaboration for the ever so delicious Ice Scream Man! Mando & Myself had a blast in the garage painting these babies up!!!! To make these even sweeter, Mando hand painted & pin striped our Bmp Co. logo on the packaging! We were happy when we found out they sold out same day!!!!

It was an awesome suprise when Spanky Stokes was awesome enough to feature Brutherford & Bmp Co. on his blog!!!!
So with all the happiness & fun we had painting the delicious & deadly Ice Scream Man we were so beyond honored to be invited to create custom pieces inspired by Dia De Los Muertos for Dia Del Helado Muerto! We were thrilled to get this big and wonderful package in the mail! It really did feel like Christmas & our birthday's rolled into one ( Mine-Dottie is 7-7 & Mando's b-day is 7-12 so we celebrate together lol)!!!!
So with that we began planning out what we were going to do and how! It was fun but hectic! We both still were running Bmp Co. and taking full custom orders!!! We decided we were going to put everything on hold and focus on three main pieces and promised we were going to go all out! When designing & creating anything in a collaboration it's tricky not to steer away from the person's creation by over shadowing it with what you think it should be/look like. We had so many ideas it was crazy we had to rope them all in and keep the main theme which was Day of the Dead Ice Scream Man! The three main ideas we came up with was; an actual ice cream truck (crazy I know!), shadow box & matching mask sets. The very first thing we did was hunt down a vintage ice cream truck of some kind. My prayers were answered because not even a week after our idea was born I found the perfect one (mind you it was smashed up and need tons of love) but we bought it and paint brain storming began!
We started to paint a lot of the Ice Scream Man (the mini cones were my favorite!) We wanted them to all be different & have a touch of a 'Brown Magic' sprinkled all over them. Special thank you to the lovely & talented Bettie Cruiser aka Perla  who was kind enough to send us authentic Mexican souvenirs! Perla works at Casa California where they have a little of everything from Mexico! You can contact Perla directly here:
And find her working here:
Casa California
620 N Main St
W-10 Olvera Street La, California

We moved on to working out our concepts on each piece. For our vintage Buddy L Ice Scream Truck we wanted the piece to represent happiness & fun times in the after life. We named the piece Viva La Nieve (Long Live Ice Cream!) We even custom painted & created a Muerto driver!  After we cleaned up the truck & fixed a few major dings on it jajajajaaa we began the painting process! We painted it different tones of gold & brown kandies. We even taped lined & paneled it out. The inside we kept simple since we were still going to have to glue the Mini Ice Scream Men inside! The hardest part was putting the windows back in there with out breaking them. So much more fragile than they look! We lightly flaked the truck & some of the cones. To compliment the truck we created a Lazy Susan aka rotating platform. We flaked the Holy Mother of Lady Flake out of it!!!!  Magenta Fiesta script & some striping done by Mando brought everything together all that was left for us to do was mount the truck on platform so it spin!!!! Yes it spins!!! Ta-Da Viva La Nieve Bmp Co. Ice Scream Truck is complete!
Can be purchased directly from
Clutter Magazine right here:


Our second pieces were Ice Scream Man Masks! Yes actual masks!!!! These are so awesome & yes they were extremely fun to paint as well!!! We made this matching as a matcing set. El Muerto y La Muerta! We wanted to create these to be so colorful, bright & a little deadly. Yes we busted out the Lady Flake on these too! Mando's 9 year old nephew Brian was so in love with them we snapped a few pics of him wearing them!
Las Mascaras De Muerto 
Can be purchased here:
 Our final piece was a custom shadow box; El Amor Eterano. We created this custom shadow box to represent the eternal love between ice scream and cavities! Deadly but oh so sweet. We custom made a large scalloped box large enough to fit the regular size Ice Scream Man and a few minis. We kept the paint work very simple on this piece but added lace detailing and tape lines to bring out the dimensions along with lightly metal flaking the entire box. Next Mando busted out the goods like always and painted a beautiful mural complete with calaveras, broken  hearts & booze! When painting the Ice Scream Man's we added a blood like effect  & made sure the mini's were decked out in their full Dia de los Muertos attire. Our rotten teeth took center stage & we made sure to hand paint these rotten little goodies to look their best complete with sombreros!!!!
El Amor Eterno
Can be purchased here:

We are working hard on Holiday orders & we will be back to update you all on everything else we have going on!
Thanks for the continued love & support !
Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co.

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